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Pet Grooming

Grooming is available by appointment at our Shop Centre.

Our professional groomers offer a full range of grooming services. Other options include gentle shampooing, nail clipping, a trim between the paw pads, ear cleaning, brush or coat clipping and scissoring.

We can take care of your dog's nails, paws, teeth and ears while you shop! Just walk right into our shop centre with an appointment. All walk-in dog grooming services are available individually or as add-ons to other packages.

An added bonus is owners can stay inside the grooming area during grooming; there is no need to leave your pet behind which lowers both your and your pets stress levels!

Grooming Services:


Whatever you, or your pet desires hair arrangements to your pet's look

Gentle Shampooing

Shampoo and blow dry



A convenient service to trim & grind the nails & clean the ears


Nail Grind

Grinding smoothes out rough edges on your dog's nails to reduce scratches


Puppy Nail Grind

Grinding smoothes out rough edges of your puppy's nails to reduce scratches
(Up to 5 months old)


PAWdicure PLUS

A popular service to trim & grind nails, clean ears & brush teeth


Nail Grind & Ear Cleaning

Smoothes out rough nails & cleans ears to minimize build-up


Nail Trim

Prevents painful splaying & splitting of the nails


Nail Trim & Ear Cleaning

A quick touch-up to trim nails & cleans ears to minimize build-up


Teeth Brushing

Cleans teeth & freshens breath for a healthier smile



All the grooming essentials - brushing, nail trim, teeth brushing & more


For bookings and enquiries regarding our Grooming Services, please call +65 6765 7872

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